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GFWC Woman’s Club of Spokane Past Presidents

Our Club's Most Famous Members in American History

  • "May Arkwright Hutton, Suffragette "

  • "Sonora Smart Dodd, Father's Day Founder"

Club History

  • 1905

    Spokane Woman's Club began to organize.

  • 1907

    Woman"s Club of Spokane officially organized. 3000 "shares" were sold at $10 apiece to fund the new club.

  • 1908

    The club affiliated with the GFWC
    General Federation of Women's Clubs

  • June 5, 1909

    The Woman's Club of Spokane Articles of Incorporation are signed and filed with the state of Washington.

    See Articles of Incorporation >

  • November 8, 1910

    Women's Suffrage is now legal in the State of Washington The ladies of Washington State won the right to vote by a landslide [and remember only men got to vote in this election].

  • Dec 5, 1910

    First meeting in the newly built original "cottage clubhouse". The clubhouse was built specifically for The Woman's Club of Spokane. May Arkwright Hutton donated $500 to purchase a lot in Cannon Hill. Total original cost of this first clubhouse was $5000. The club house was built for women's education classes, community events, family gatherings, and meetings.

  • 1916-1918

    The club is very involved in supporting the American Red Cross in WWI

  • Nov 5, 1928

    Date of dedication of clubhouse expansion designed by architect Gustav Pehrson. The 7000 square foot expansion added a Ballroom/Little Theater and a basement Gymnasium.

  • 1936

    In the depths of the Great Depression the club house mortgage is completely paid off after a brilliant campaign to involve local businesses and families in supporting the club financially.

  • 1942-1945

    The club is once again active in American Red Cross efforts and USO support activities.

  • 1953/1954

    Housed a Spokane School District kindergarten for the baby-boomer overflow. The gymnasium floor was paved with 4" deep concrete and a forced air gas furnace was installed to accommodate this two room classroom space.

  • 1990's -2003

    Clubhouse is placed on National, State and Local Historic Places registers for architectural significance and the importance of early members in American History.

  • March 2007

    The club's first website designed by a member goes live on the internet.

  • December 5, 2010

    100th anniversary of the first meeting of the Spokane Womans Club in their newly built clubhouse.

  • March 2011

    Woman's Club Articles of Incorporation revised, 102 years after original incorporation.

  • May 30, 2012

    501(c)(3) determination by the Internal Revenue Service puts the Woman's Club of Spokane back in the position which the original incorporation leadership, in 1909, intended for the clubs purpose.

  • September 21, 2013

    The club begins it's first capital campaign since 1927. [86 years]. The campaign is called SECOND CENTURY FUND Celebrating the Past-Creating the Future. The purpose is to make the Main Floor of the facility functional for all users. Improvements will include ADA accessibility, ADA Restroom, Community Kitchen , Air Conditioning, Acoustical Balancing.

  • Autumn 2014

    Great new club member response puts daytime classes and club sponsored support groups back on the clubhouse schedule for the first time in 30 years. Back to our roots. Inspire-empower-gather