Woman's club Spokane FREE ROSE PRUNING CLASS March 2015


11:00am -1:00pm Sunday, March 22

Rose Pruning taught by Master Gardener and club member  Peecheng.  Bring your own pruners, loppers, gloves and a plastic bag for clippings. The Woman’s Club provides the roses to prune.

S.H.E. Project at the Woman’s Club

Our Project is Spokane SHE; rebuilding that village mentality in women and resurrecting what our fore-mothers had created in the gathering spaces of GFWC Woman’s Clubs all over the nation. The project is to fulfill the original mission while serving the more modern needs of today’s woman. I’m calling creative, optimistic, inspiring female minds to join me in brainstorming and creating what that might look like, starting with my hometown Spokane Woman’s Club

Meets Fridays at 1 pm in the lower level club room. 1428 W 9th Ave.  Enter by the lower Walnut side door.


SEW TOGETHER : The Sheers fun of it. 
Date : February 21 Time 10am to 5pm. If you cannot show up until noon that’s fine.
Session #3: Sew together the sheers for the Ballroom drapery project.SEW TOGETHER SHEERS
This should be easier than the main drapes where we dealt with two colors of thread, a slick lining, seam finishing, and two layers that had to come out exactly even. This time we will be fell seaming one layer, which is easy once you understand it. We will need people to carefully pick open hems for 5-6″, people to pin long seams, and iron. 

Who brings what
WOMAN’S CLUB: provides tables, chairs, thread, spare schmetz needles, iron, food and good cheer.

VOLUNTEER: provides sewing machine, bobbin for white thread, scissors, seam ripper, upper body muscle.

The survival luncheon menu: winter squash soup, cheese, yogurt, apples and not sweet muffins.Since Heather will be out of town coffee and tea will be from a pump thermos [sigh].

What happens if you don’t show up? You miss out on some great socializing and the satisfaction of a necessary job well done. We even gave a sewing lesson at session #1, so don’t be shy, it is straight sewing.

SEW Together Ballroom Drapery Project

Sewing Together

Our first  volunteer project of 2015 for the Spokane Woman’s Club: 

Sew together [64] 108” drapery panels, straight seams only, for the Ballroom [64 total] in a sewing machine circle. 

Club provides panels, pins, thread, tables and chairs. We will have spare needles; Shmetchz Universal size 14 and 12. 

Volunteers provide own sewing machines, scissors, seam ripper [there will be some hem removal needed to sew the seams], empty bobbin, skill and, yes, some upper body muscle. 

Rosemary will make a large pot of soup or chili and rustic bread to share unless someone else wants too…?? 

We will have 2 sessions: 
Sunday, January 18th @ 1pm, and 
Saturday, January 31st @ 10am. 

Questions? Contact Rosemary at


bow cloche
December 6 at 2pm 1428 W 9th Ave [Walnut and 9th in Historic Cannon’s Addition]

Tickets $22 Tickets may be purchased at the clubhouse 10-3 pm M-F. or call 838-5667. New this year, we accept credit cards.
Vintage Fashion Tea features:
See the amazing outfits.100 years of Spokane centric fashion on live models.
Visit with the Fab 14 Lilac Festival Royalty candidates for 2015.
Have Tea with Friends and Family.
Experience our 104 year old clubhouse where Spokane history was made!
This is a fun and engaging fundraiser to support the Woman’s Club of Spokane, a 501c3 nonprofit volunteering in Spokane since 1905.



The GFWC Woman’s Club of Spokane Works to strengthen our community, preserve our historic clubhouse, and enhance the lives of others through volunteer service, friendship, and leadership development.

The Woman’s Club has served the Spokane community for over 100 years. Our Club is affiliated with General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC), and is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. We welcome adults of all ages, ethnicity, and backgrounds. More info:

ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP: An ACTIVE member attends meetings on a regular basis and is willing to serve on committees. An ACTIVE member is a registered member of GFWC, and has voting privileges in the club.

SUPPORTING MEMBERSHIP: “Our Friends of” category SUPPORTING members are notified of all club activities and may participate in any meetings or events of interest. SUPPORTING members do not have voting privileges in club matters. All of these annual dues are kept locally.

Send dues and form to:

WOMAN’S CLUB c/o Membership

1428 W 9th Ave, Spokane WA 99204

Facebook: Spokane Woman’s Club

Membership type

Would you like to be an active member or supporting member?
Phone: (feel free to enter multiple numbers if you have more than one number we can reach you at.)
Why would you like to join the Woman’s Club of Spokane, or what are some of your interests relating to the club? Examples include: The clubhouse, GFWC community service programs, fundraisers, 2nd century fund, public relations, vintage fashion, or becoming a class instructor/ group leader.

Open House/Community Event Collaboration



Alright Everyone, Here is the Summer event we’ve all (even if unknowingly) been waiting for! The first half hour will consist of a Meet & Greet and tours of this beautiful building.  Here we will be allowed to use, teach and attend all kinds of community enrichment classes and gatherings (from Stargazing to Salsa Dancing to Science Fairs to Craft Parties to Support Groups to events for parents with events for children in a neighboring room…and seminars!…the opportunities are endless) .  Imagine the value of such a place especially in the colder months! We want to hear YOUR ideas and see, if we were to provide these low cost and sometimes free and sometimes profitable classes, if anyone would attend. It’s all up to YOU. Whatever dreams you’ve been having: come see this building; learn a tad about the history of the place, and be a part of (even if in silence–there will be a drop box for ideas) the discussion about things about to be happening in the realm of FUN COMMUNITY ENRICHMENT EVENTS! Let’s have fun and get stuff done!!! There will be light refreshments. Invite/bring your friends!!!!

Ashley Laitinen, is the Woman’s Club Chair of Enrichment Committee and has volunteered much of her summer to help make this exciting thing happen. 

South Hill Neighborhood Planning

If you live on the Lower South Hill in Spokane you need to know:

May 8  is the final Stakeholder meeting

And now it’s time for one final conversation about our draft of the South Hill Coalition Connectivity and Livability Strategic Plan.

  May 8 Open House at Corbin Art Center (507 W. 7th Ave): in the Edwidge Woldson/Pioneer Park.

  1. 5:30 – 6:00pm     Open House
  2. 6:00 – 7:00pm     Community Dialogue and Feedback Session
  3. 7:00 – 7:30pm     Feedback via Comment Cards All sorts of information about the future plans for the south hill neighborhoods of Spokane [Cliff Cannon, Comstock, Licoln Heights, Manito/Cannon Hill and Rockwood]  

Corbin Art Center


Taught by Peecheng [Peech] Chen a member of the Spokane Master Gardeners. Bring your own clipper, loppers and gloves