August 2015 Meeting Minutes

GFWC Woman’s Club of Spokane

August 10th, 2015

Meeting called to order 5:50.


The club said the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.


Treasurer’s report:  Audit took place the books are coming together.


Rental Report:  Rents are up for the summer with more groups meeting in the fall.


House Supervisor:  no report


Second Century Fund:  In 2009 the House Committee started up again.  

The committee put together a vision for the club house to interact with the 

community.  A list of problems were identified and work started to fix what could 

be done on the list.  All this was part of an effort to return to the vision of the 

women who had the building built in 1908.  Part of this effort will include 

necessary upgrades to the building.  


We have been approved for a grant from the state legislature for $300.000! 

We do not yet know how this money will process through.  The part of the state budget that held our grant monies was the last to pass through this legislature.  This money will be used to provide ADA accessible entry and restroom on the main floor, air conditioning on the main floor and a community commercial kitchen.  The kitchen will be commercial light, i.e. it will have limited commercial uses however; food can still be prepared from it and sold at club events.  


The drainage issue on the east side of the building will be dealt with and the Club Room will go from 1800 to 1500 square feet with the addition of a wall for the vintage fashion collection.  We need to do other projects later, for instance, the downstairs kitchen and work out the humidity issues in the Club Room.  


We are forming a committee, separate from the House Committee, to oversee the 

project.  The committee will fine tune how we navigate the areas and keep the 

renters intact without too many issues.  In an effort to keep our costs down we 

have a contact that the committee will work with to get used equipment form the 

schools at a fraction of the cost for new.  Members of the committee so far are 

Susan Dankovich and Eric Johnson.  This committee needs to have outside people 

on it also to use all our resources available.  


Construction on the facility will take anywhere from three months to eighteen 

months to complete.  The back wall of the Club Room can be sketched and we can 

now shop around for estimates on the work as that money is available.


Our Club Room does hold historic significance in that the City of Spokane did not 

have kindergarten in the public schools but rather in location around the city.  The 

Club Room was one of those locations.


We need to gather our skill sets together and look for grants that will match funds 

with what we have now to work on projects such as the electrical and heating 

systems.  Both need to be updated.


Website Forum:  Our website is coming along.  You can access it by going to and click on the member login.  This opens to a member’s only 

section of the website that features meeting notes, treasurer’s report and 

membership directory.  In addition, it has a committees section which enables 

committee members to communicate with each other.  


The website has an activities calendar in real time with descriptions of weekly 

classes and support groups.  You can sign up for the committee work in the 

existing committees.  Heather Villa Sharp is working on a listing of committees 

and their functions.


The newsletter came out on Friday, August 7th.


Meeting adjourned 7:10.


September meeting will be a membership meeting for new members on 

September 14th.  We are having a speaker who is speaking on refugee issues and