July 2015 Meeting Minutes

GFWC Womens Club of Spokane

General Meeting

July 13, 2015

Meeting started 6:05


President Rosemary Small indicated we need a building committee to take oversee the remodeling from the grant we are to receive from the state.


Minutes approved as presented.


Annual Budget:  Treasurer Shirley Phipps moved that we accept the budget as proposed with the ability to reallocate funds when necessary.  Motion seconded and passed.


September 20th the Lower South Hill Block watch will take place on Madison between 8th and 9th from 12 – 5. We need volunteers to man our booth for the event.


We got a quote for Officers and Directors insurance for $5080.  This protects the building and our club’s officers and directors through Philadelphia Insurance.  Shirley Phipps moved that we add Officers and Directors insurance.  Motion seconded and passed.


The musicians for the membership soiree did not get paid.  Their cost $120.  Gail Cropper moved that we pay for the musicians at a cost of $120.  Motion seconded and passed.


Bazaar:  One of our new members, Robin is taking over the bazaar this year and will make it an artesian craft show and a small business woman’s networking day.  Another possible event she would like to see is a clothing exchange and Gap luncheon for women who do not qualify for aid but need help.  President Rosemary Small moved that Rosemary, Susan and Toni have the authority to put items in the craft and artesian day to generate resources.  Motion seconded and passed.


Membership Soiree and Fun Time had an attendance of 45 people.  


Meeting adjourned 6:54