• Rosemary Small, President

Historic Clubhouse Construction

We appreciate all of our club members smiles, Toni's wonderful cups of hot tea and coffee in Artemesia, and Heather's heroic efforts to find a place for everyone to land with one large clubhouse room out of commission. We intend to keep you up to date with progress reports, photos, and stern warnings about any potential constrution hazards here on this blog.

As anyone who owns a very old house knows, renovation is never a completely smooth process. Our clubhouse is 105 years old, built in two stages, two decades apart, and on three somewhat off-set levels that are a puzzle to all who enter. Our progress is proceeding but there have been a few delays on the start date due to:

State and City contract snafus.

Missing essential paperwork from work done almost 2 decades past.

Incorrect 1928 blueprints causing the need for two Kitchen redesigns.

Difficulty placing required equipment with zero lot lines and historic register issues of our building.

Complex mechanical design issues due to attic configuration, trusses and 2 X 4 stud walls.

The need to create new storage spaces for renters and clubhouse needs but also empty out closets where construction will occur.

The need to complete the Club Room construction so that room can work as a substitute for the Concert Hall. There were windstorm delay issues for our contractor and sub-contractors.

The need for repairs to our emergency electrical systems after the windstorm.

Unexpected surprise construction techniques [whooaaa!] from the 1910 cottage and uncovering evidence of a fire from the late1930's.

The Concert Hall is officially closed until construction is complete. Please honor any no entry signs, orange cones and danger tape, they are there for everyone's protection.

Looking forward to Spring,


President, Woman's Club

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