Change is good, and the Woman’s Club is moving forward this year guided by our motto adopted in 2014, Gather,Inspire, Empower. Let’s put some people behind those words. Committees are forming for the 2016-2017 club year; astrong club has strong committees. Every member needs to participate, either joining and actively participating in a club committee or volunteering some serious time for a club fundraiser/club community event or volunteer for clubhouse maintenance. For the health of our club please choose and commit to a committee this June. See the list of committees, events with dates and a list of volunteer opportunities for June, listed elsewhere in this newsletter.

Interest groups [leaders are interested club members, of course] are also forming. Use of the Clubroom is free if the interest group fits our club purpose. The best time to schedule a regular clubhouse meeting times for summer and autumn is right now. Proposals go through House Management Committee.

Our experiment in club cooperation, Artemisia, sharing the space historically known as the Dining Room continues to delight and amaze. The tables for tea and coffee are often the site of intense conversation and club plotting for a better future.

The big project this June / July is installing new landscaping on either side of our new ADA ramp. The portion of the 355square feet of landscaping that is required to pass our certificate of occupancy involves about 10 yards of soil [and rock]. The fun part is choosing the perennials, crating the master plan and then planting them on our new sloped garden. We also need a team to keep them alive as they take root. Contact Toni Plastino if you are interested in participating in the Garden committee.

Looking forward to meeting all of our club members June 2016 someday soon,

Rosemary Small, President


Our clubhouse accessibility grant construction is about 60% complete. The current finish date is planned for June 30 –July 8. Where the building’s 1910 era and 1929 era join in the middle has caused several weeks in delay for our construction project; there were many challenges running the air conditioning, electric wiring and plumbing for the new kitchen and bathroom upstairs. The kitchen location proved to have many structural issues; revealed when the stage in the Concert Hall was demolished. On the progress side, the ADA ramp is installed, the flooring and wall materials for the kitchen and the tile for the bathroom is chosen. The whole project is now heading in the direction of the fun job of putting it all back together. Our Rental Coordinator, Heather, has worked hard to keep everyone in a space with all the musical chairs of construction locations in the clubhouse. Some scheduling mistakes were made, but all in all it is amazing that we have stayed open through it all.

Susan Bresnahan, 2nd Century Chair


President Rosemary Small 2015- 2017

1 st VP Barbara Knudson

2 nd VP Judith Spitzer

Treasurer Susan Dankovich

Assistant Treasurer Suzanne Bjork

Recording Secretary Open position looking for nominations in June

Membership Secretary Pamela Brown

Past President Susan Bresnahan


General Meeting Monday June 13 5:30pm Speaker Kim on Kizuri Free Trade

Flag Day, June 14: Noon, annual flag raising

July Picnic: Monday, July 11 Long standing tradition, the July meeting is a NW Corner of Comstock Park, 5:30 picnic potluck. Usually the only item on the agenda other than eating is passing the annual budget.


Contact Rosemary Small to set up times to work.

  1. Woman’s Club ADA Ramp landscaping: plan/install new landscaping

  2. Upper hallway: Scrape and paint

  3. Upper Hallway: Sew charming curtains

  4. 1929 portable stage: Sand /Varnish /Cut /Paint /Store

  5. 1939 cabinets: refinish two existing 1939 cabinets for new Kitchen

  6. Upper Hall Janitors closet: replace lost shelves

  7. Ladies room Paint the stalls.

  8. Ballroom Drapery Installation: Date TBA probably early July

  9. Corresponding Secretary Actually this is a year long appointment. Writes thank yous to donors, condolences, etc.


  • Audit June to early July general meeting [Chair is 1st VP Barbara Knudson]

  • Finance early July Create Woman’s Club Budget for approval board meeting [Chair is Assistant Treasurer Suzanne Bjork]

  • House Management: Manages building issues from repairs to rentals [Chair Susan Bresnahan]

  • Community Service Creating and managing club community service programs. [Chair 2 nd VP Judith Spitzer]

  • By Laws now through March 2017 need clean up and clarification, some preliminary work is done. [needs a chair]

  • Programming and Events: Manages for maximum $ or purpose for amount of volunteer time needed

  • Fundraising: Creation, inspiration, and organizing of our major fundraiser(s) [needs a chair]

  • Community Kitchen: Licensed by Spokane Regional Health district this space needs special oversight and rules to protect

  • the club and serve the community [chair needed]

  • Artisan and Craft Fairs November 12 and April 8 [Chair Robin Peltier[

  • Ribbon Cutting for Renovation currently planned for early October on a Tuesday or Thursday between 4:30pm-6:30pm. [needs a chair]

  • Vintage Fashion: Plans fashion part of December 2nd Art of Fashion and December 3rd Vintage Fashion Tea with the Lilac Festival Fab 14. Plus a very ambitious project to catalog the entire collection is underway. [temp chair, Colleen Robinson].

  • Vintage Fashion Events Food and Service: Dec 2 nd and 3rd. Very exciting first year using the commercial kitchen Past records are available. [needs a chair]

  • Reports: Jan 2017 Compiles club records [Jan–Dec 16 for GFWC reports] before Feb 15 [needs chair]

  • Women’s Summit: March 25 2017: Networking and strengthening Women’s groups in Spokane. This is for Women’s History Month [needs a chair]

  • Nominating: Elected in February, finds qualified candidates for board positions, [Chair is elected]

  • Marketing and Media: manage website, FaceBook, advertising/publicity [Chair Heather Villa]

  • May Installation of Officers: March April 2017 Plans a party or a ceremony depending on the incoming President’s

  • wishes [needs a chair]

  • Gardening: design, create, maintain Clubhouse gardens [Chair Toni Plastino]



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