• Rosemary Small, President

A Message From the Queen Bee...

Ever wondered what you can do for your club? Read this and volunteer to do something to get our construction phase over and done with! This is not a complete list or even close but I know we can get necessary work done if everyone helps.

Disabled running is the theme for the president this July. Running combined club/ personal shopping chores, getting back into physical rehabilitation to work on my injuries from April 2015 and December 2015 [both at the clubhouse, yikes!] and writing our monthly State Grant reimbursement report, not fun. The club has deadlines to meet so a certificate of occupancy can be issued on our renovation project.

*I will be picking up the pass through door slabs when a truck and help is available.

*Looking for table saw help for cutting doors, jambs, and pass through counter. Then will need to do some routing, sanding, staining and varnishing, before installation.

*The portable stage renovation needs to be completed; that stage will not be moving until it is finished!

*We will probably need to paint at least one wall in the Concert Hall to prep for installation of our new full height mirrors on the south wall. And we need to ponder insulated window coverings for the 12 windows in the Concert Hall.

*Finally, there are four wood cabinets that need work before installing in the new kitchen, two are lockers that need a method to lock them.

*Speaking of windows, the acoustical tuning project is about to have an installation day. With a few more parts to cut and paint, stain varnish,etc. we will have all the parts needed for the Ballroom draperies to go up. I would like to set a date[s] between July 18 and July 24 to install the hardware and drapes. We will need either a big crew of 10 or so or many days to do this.

*Toni Plastino,our House Superintendent is planning the retaining wall brick work for the ADA ramp landscaping. After that we will be moving our many rock piles to create a base for the soil slope. The soil will need to be delivered and moved by wheel barrow, on a single day, as it will have to be dumped in the street. All this must occur before a certificate of occupancy can be issued on our renovation project.

*And the committee for Community Kitchen Rules needs to form and perform pronto as no one can use the the new Community Kitchen until the rules are in place. Remember this is a kitchen permitted and subject to inspection at any time by the Spokane Regional Health District,so no fudging or we could face huge fines.

Finally, if you joined in July 2015 your membership dues are due by July 31, 2016. If you are taking advantage of our club member rental rates, you must be a member in good standing at the end of your join month to avoid paying public rates the following month[s].

Happy Summer,


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