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Renovation Year

What a year at the Spokane Woman’s Club! This 100 year old clubhouse at 9th and Walnut was a real challenge to remodel. Hundreds of hours of volunteer work and $330K of grants from the state, city and private donors made the clubhouse main floor ADA accessible [ramp, restroom and commercial-light kitchen] and air conditioning so the main floor is now usable year round! The south end of the clubhouse now has adequate electrical capacity for our office and a large storage room, and all the emergency lights are new LED units [lessons learned in the wind storm of November 17, 2015]. And we have new draperies in the Ballroom.

The future is bright. Now we can take a remodeling break [yes, more needs to be done later] and get back to real reason for the Woman’s Club, a place for women to learn new and necessary skills, experience cultural events, and build a stronger community through friendships found through working together. What does our community need? Local GFWC clubs are autonomous; we choose the projects that need to be done. Women are the ones that can do it. Be there to plan it and learn it.

GFWC clubs are multi-generational, non-sectarian, non-partisan and non-discriminatory.


Rosemary Small

President, 2015-2017


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